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The Rose is a symbol of love, beauty and passion. It is common to see a fresh rose wither and fall. We also wish that our love, beauty and passion can last forever. For a long time, we questioned the ability of the fresh rose to represent our desire for love, beauty and passion, in an enduring way. After a long time of searching, we found a manual procedure that allows us to extend the life of roses, and achieve almost Eternity.

This is how Rose Core® was born, we use Parisian-inspired gift boxes instead of traditional vases, and we use 100% natural preserved roses without allergens and chemicals to offer you luxurious arrangements that are unforgettable expressions of love. With this as our mission, we are determined to revolutionize the online floral shopping experience. Our modern approach to providing superior floral gifts ensures that each container will be covered not only by the beauty of our flowers, but also by our exquisite presentation.

Our master florists spend an enormous amount of time and energy crafting the best rose arrangement for you. The only roses that can witness true love from the beginning to eternity. We truly believe you will enjoy all of our beautiful arrangements and gifts.


Alcides Lopez and Maya Hoover

The Founders